How to respond to or negotiate a request

The person you are in this process with is asking you to take a specific concrete action that they think would help to resolve this conflict and to prevent future conflicts.

There are 3 ways suggested to respond to their request.
You may:

If you wish to accept the request—say so.
If you wish to counter-offer the request, use this box to say what you wish to offer instead.
If you wish to decline their request, use this box to say why you have decided to decline at this time.

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We strongly recommend that you do not ignore their request. Ignoring their request, will only inflame the situation and rekindle the conflict.

If you either counter-offer or decline their request, use this box to be in dialogue with them to negotiate an acceptable resolution to this conflict.

After you have completed your response, and if you have not already done so, you may wish to express your side of the conflict and make your own requests. To do so, click on post your conflict.

You are invited to use this box to say whatever else you need to say in order to resolve this conflict. Do not use this box to open up a new conflict.

In some conflicts it is only possible to clarify differences and this can be a step towards a resolution.

Thank you.