More About TruceWorks

TruceWorks is intended as a website for people to resolve conflicts with each other without an outside mediator, and improve their communication skills.

The site asks you to register so you can access an online screen that prompts you to resolve a conflict. You can do this either by sharing a screen with your “partner” or by sending them an email asking them to respond. It provides tips and a structured response process (e.g., thoughts, feelings, and needs) to improve communication and resolve conflict.

We hope that you will find TruceWorks a useful tool.


Visit the TruceWorks Resource Center often to learn about resolving conflicts and access useful communication tools and tips.

We invite you to use the TruceWorks CLEAR process whenever you find yourself in an upset or conflict with a partner, family member, co-worker or friend.

To see examples for how to do the CLEAR process, visit the TruceWorks Resource Center.