How the CLEAR Process Works

  1. You will fill out and submit a 5 Step CLEAR Form. See Sample. Help prompts are included throughout the process.

  2. By submitting the 5 step form, an e mail invitation will be sent to your friend, colleague or family member, inviting them to use the TW website. If they choose to participate, they will be able to read and respond to your statements by filling out and submitting their own 5 step CLEAR Form and or the 2 Step Response Form. See Sample.

  3. By selecting the current conversation on your dashboard you will each be able to view the full conversation, both persons responses posted side by side. After you have read each others responses, continue to use the 2 Step Response Form as many times as you need, to achieve mutual understanding and resolution.

  4. When you select and click on the Resolved box for this conversation, an email will be sent to notify the other person that you feel the conflict has been resolved. The process continues until both of you feel resolved. You can select to archive both resolved and unresolved conversations for future reference, or delete them from your dashboard.

The CLEAR Process Model

Say what happened without blaming the other person.

Identify your feelings and your needs.

Communicate what you want the other person to understand.

Listen and reflect back the experience of the other person. Give and receive Feedback.

Negotiate what you both need to end the conflict.