Truceworks for Friends

Do you have a conflict with a friend, that you can't resolve?

We all have conflicts or disagreements with our friends. They are inevitable. Learning how to address a conflict effectively is key to a great relationship.

Do you stop talking to each other or seeing each other?

Sometimes we feel so overwhelmed that we just need to stay away. Or we may fear that we will say things that we really don't mean.

Conflict often leads to feeling misunderstood or feeling unable to understand the other person. We lose our connection with each other and may not have the skills to reconnect.

Would you like to learn a way to resolve conflicts?

How we handle a conflict is what counts!

TruceWorks can help you de-escalate and resolve a conflict by providing you with an online process that allows you to:

By learning a new set of communication tools, you can deepen your relationship.


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TruceWorks is an online interactive process that is an alternative to a third party mediator. It guides you to stop arguing and to generate new ideas for resolving a conflict.

The TruceWorks CLEAR process was developed by a therapist who has helped hundreds of couples learn to express, accept and negotiate their differences.

Using this interactive online process, will teach you to:

Because the CLEAR process is written online, it allows you to work through your feelings and thoughts in your own time and space. It eliminates reacting in the heat of the moment and fosters a gentler, more satisfying approach to resolving conflicts with others.

TruceWorks is free and confidential. We promise you total privacy.

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